Osteoporosis Management in Dubai

Bone mass is not something we think about in our daily lives, but people experiencing arthritic symptoms and other conditions often have to consider it. Your bone mass depends on your age and physical condition and you might be at risk for Osteoporosis if you meet the criteria.

Why Do People Get Osteoporosis?
After the age of about 35, our bodies start to lose bone density. For women, after the menopause, a lack of estrogen means their bone mass will decrease rapidly. In fact, 20% of women over 45 and 40% of women over 75 are likely to develop Osteoporosis. Men are less likely however the risk still increases with age. Osteoporosis causes people to suffer more fractures when they fall and is usually painful, causing damaged posture and disfiguration.
What Is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis comes with a loss in bone density, meaning your bones aren’t as strong as they once were. This can mean your bones will break more easily and it can even affect your posture. People who drink Best Rheumatologist in Dubai a lot of alcohol, smoke or drink caffeine are high risk, and those who don’t do much exercise or take medication for certain conditions are too.

How Do I Know I Have Osteoporosis?
Unlike other disorders, Osteoporosis can be Best Rheumatologist in Dubai assessed by a physician through x-rays and bone density scans. Your physician will be able to tell you whether or not you have Osteoporosis fairly simply, so if you’ve experienced a fragility fracture, have height loss or chronic illness, it might be worth going to get checked out.

How Do I Manage Osteoporosis?
Many physicians recommend taking more calcium and avoiding those things that lead to Osteoporosis in the first place; no drinking or smoking, more exercise and supplements for the vitamins and minerals your diet is lacking. Walking is a great exercise for most of the bones in your body and can help support your muscles. Osteoporosis management in Dubai is a reality if you find a good physician to plan your lifestyle changes with.

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